sabato 10 settembre 2011

Una nuova capitale per il Sud Sudan

Ramciel è difficile da trovare, su qualsiasi mappa. Ma il nuovo governo della neonata Repubblica del Sud Sudan ha deciso che entro sei anni la capitale sarà trasferita lì, nel centro geografico dello stato, terra di pascoli e allevatori semi-nomadi, dove la terra non manca e sarà quindi possibile costruire una nuova città dal nulla o quasi. 
È stata questa la prima decisione che l'esecutivo dell'ultimo nato tra gli stati del mondo ha preso nella sua riunione inaugurale. A due mesi esatti dalla proclamazione dell'indipendenza, il 9 luglio scorso, la vita politica e amministrativa del Sud Sudan passa anche da qui.

venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Breaking news from the Blue Nile - chapter 2

There have been some tweets this evening saying that Sudan's government declared a state of emergency in Blue Nile state, appointing ad-Damazin's SAF commander as "military ruler" and thus dismissing Malik Agar. A short SUNA news says the same.
It seems - but I doubt it has been independently confirmed so far - that Agar has redeployed near Kurmuk, while SAF and thus the government are in full control of Damazin and of Roseires dam, strategic for the capital region power supply. People are reportedly fleeing, especially from Kurmuk area into Ethiopia, and there have been some casualties.
I would say that the question I left open this morning - "whether a new conflict has just begun in Blue Nile, a risky development many were expecting, or whether the crisis can be wound down" - has been answered. In the worst way.

Breaking news in the Blue Nile

Fighting has erupted in Blue Nile. SAF reportedly attacked various positions, the state governor's residence included. Which means Malik Agar's, chairman of the SPLM-N and former commander of SPLA troops in Southern Blue Nile during the civil war. As of this early morning, few details are out about what is going on in the state and its capital, ad-Damazin. Disclaimer: those available come from the SPLM-N leadership and have not been independently confirmed. This said, what happened in Damazin? This is what Malik Agar himself told Bloomberg: three vehicles used by the SPLA were shot at by Sudanese soldiers while approaching the southern part of Ad-Damazin and "when our [SPLA] forces shot back at them, they just heavily bombarded my house and all sites of the SPLA in the capital". SPLM-N Secretary General's version, reported by Sudan Tribune, does not differ.