venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Breaking news from the Blue Nile - chapter 2

There have been some tweets this evening saying that Sudan's government declared a state of emergency in Blue Nile state, appointing ad-Damazin's SAF commander as "military ruler" and thus dismissing Malik Agar. A short SUNA news says the same.
It seems - but I doubt it has been independently confirmed so far - that Agar has redeployed near Kurmuk, while SAF and thus the government are in full control of Damazin and of Roseires dam, strategic for the capital region power supply. People are reportedly fleeing, especially from Kurmuk area into Ethiopia, and there have been some casualties.
I would say that the question I left open this morning - "whether a new conflict has just begun in Blue Nile, a risky development many were expecting, or whether the crisis can be wound down" - has been answered. In the worst way.

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